Provision of Business Development Services

Turning Ideas into Sustainable Businesses

Provision of Business Development Services

Approximately 23% of Uganda’s urban population and 19% of the rural population has access to electricity. Biomass contributes 88% of the total primary energy consumed through firewood, charcoal and crop residues (Ministry of Energy and Mineral Development, 2019), which reduces the country’s forest cover and endangers the environment. Uganda is richly endowed with renewable energy resources such as hydro, solar, biomass, wind geothermal and peat.

Despite availability of these resources, they have not been fully exploited by entrepreneurs yet they have a high potential for creating value chains especially in the agriculture and industrial sectors.

The major reasons for the low exploitation include; lack of capital, limited technical and business management skills, some businesses require huge amounts of funds to conduct feasibility studies in order to establish their viability before securing investment, communities have alternative energy sources hence resist to change to the renewable energy options, social biases to some technologies such as biogas from human waste to mention but a few. The incubator seeks to close some of these gaps by providing the following business development services;

  • Market research
  • Technical advisory
  • Training to upgrade managerial, operational, technical, financial and legal capabilities
  • Mentoring and coaching
  • Financial linkage
  • Assistance to develop business plans and applications for funding
  • Network with financing institutions/capital providers, authorities, industry and universities