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Frequently Asked Questions

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  • Can i partner with the incubator?

    Yes you can. Kindly forward an expression of interest to [email protected]

  • How can i have access to biomass gasification technology?

    The incubator in Phase I was implementing a pilot in biomass gasification to electricity project. Kindly contact suppliers of biomass gasification plants to procure one.

  • What projects do you consider sustainable?

    Projects that will generate income after implementation. Projects that show prospects of attracting future investment.

  • What services do you offer?

    We provide business development services to companies only under the incubator. However we freely share information over email and during office visits.

  • Can the incubator assist me to implement a project in Uganda ?

    Yes it can. Kindly forward all your inquiries to [email protected]

  • What projects do you normally select under incubator ?

    Projects that show innovation in the applicability of renewable energy technologies. Projects that are offering a solution to challenges faced by a specific and sizeable market.

  • Is the incubator interested only in hydro power and solar projects?

    The incubator is technology neutral. The incubator is mainly interested in bankable ideas.

  • How do I Join the Renewable Energy Incubator?

    The Incubator issues calls for business incubation through media. Applications are reviewed, proposed and existing sites are visited, interviews held and successful applicants are taken into the incubator. All inquiries about business incubation can be forward to [email protected] and [email protected]

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