Sustainable Renewable Energy Businesses from India to East Africa

Nordic Climate Facility (NCF)

To ensure effective technology and knowledge transfer, it is imperative to have sufficient local capacity built. It is in line with this that this project was implemented as a linkage to the piloting activity of the project “Sustainable Renewable Energy Businesses in Uganda”. The project was implemented in close partnership with Husk Power Systems as the Coordinating partner and Jamii Power Limited Tanzania in round I; and Space Engineering Limited, Tanzania in round II. The project run from October 2012 to November 2015.

Project objective: The South-South exchange programme aimed to strengthen the capacity needed for sustainable business development in rural biomass gasification systems in Uganda and Tanzania.

Funder: Fredskorpset (FK) Norway


  • Over fifty (50) people (mainly youth) were trained in operations and maintenance of biomass gasification plants in East Africa.
  • 4 gasification plants were installed in Uganda and operated by Ugandan trained youth
  • Under Research and development a gasifier prototype was built and tested at Makerere University Kampala.